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Big Bear Sunset

Tom & Ted's Excellent Adventure Trip Log

Done - fini - over. Back in Big Bear CA

6516 total miles 323 gal of gas $700 19 days

It was an interesting "adventure" and I learned a lot. Great to be in the car with Teddy!

Picts. will still take some time to edit.      But......

It all started on.......

6/28  8P leave Fawnskin 94,723 mileage to start

11P Chiriaco Summit 100° at 11PM!!

Wed. 6/29 2AM slept in car in rest area just West of PHX

4AM up and driving to beat rush hour in PHX to Casa Grande 6AM fuel stop in Casa Grande then a very long day to Abilene TX

Thurs. 6/30 arr Abilene TX at 2AM First stop at Mo6 10AM on i40 E 5:50P arr Little Rock AK

Fri. 7/1 10A on East to TN slept in rest area

Sat. 7/2 Stopped in Lexington VA 9AM a really nice colonial town Washington & Lee University Stonewall Jackson Memorial then onto the Blue Ridge Parkway Charlottesville VA nice city crowded busy like trying to park in Boston visited from the car then moved on to then on to Culpeper VA another nice town Interesting downtown stayed at Red Roof Inn

Sunday 7/3 Route 29 N to i66 stopped at Manassas Battlefield Park lovely farmland and incredible waste of 20,000 lives onto the 66 and thru to i95 North to PHL Red Roof Inn at Feasterville-Trevose Phila off Route 1 (who came up with this name?)

Mon. 7/4 Happy 4th all! Holiday holed up in the room, working

Tues 7/5 celebrated my Mom's 93rd birthday

will be in Phily until the weekend

Sat. 7/9 Riverwalk in Wilmington Delaware

one photo of the rainbow over the ship

Sun. 7/10 visiting New Castle a colonial town

Jessop's Tavern and toured the town.

Mon 7/11 left Phila for home First stop to see my cousin in Dallas

Good jazz in Dallas 88.1 "the one" KNTU Univ of North TX

Thurs. 7/14 - US 81 and 287 Decatur TX square 11A 38 miles outside of Wichita Falls Texas really sad to see boarded up businesses along US 287 near the Union Pacific rail line. one town after another with boarded up properties The only economy left is out by the interstate.

2P Electra Tx off US 287 20 miles outside of Vernon Texas oil rigs everywhere pumping West Texas crude. I love it old-school meets new school there's a wind farm being built and all around the windmills are oil wells pumping. Saw the largest train I've ever seen four engines up front about 100 grain cars and two pusher engines at the back.

4P Childress Tx Valero 1.78 Cheapestgas  I've seen. Another big train went by full open top coal cars. 4:30 Memphis Tx  5:40 big coal train going S from Amarillo and cloud/sky photos 6P Claude Tx Another sad town square 7 PM arrived in Amarillo to the Mo 6 not a good deal Wi-Fi didn't work got to find another hotel chain. Dyer Barbecue on Georgia Street best meal I've had since Philadelphia.

Friday 9 AM leaving Amarillo gas was 1.81 a gallon on the 40 W. hoping to have breakfast in Tucumcari New Mexico. Stopped to photo well on roadside then went into old town on 66. More photos. Had lunch at Del's since 1956. Again fab catfish!  Booked Red Roof Inn in Gallup New Mexico for overnight. Dinner at Virgie's Restaurant on Route 66 Sat bfast too. Good green chili. Gallup much as I remember it but grown of course and has same downtown blight as everywhere else.

Sat 7/16 leaving for home last leg

On the 40 by exit 287 Joseph City, big giant coal-fired plant has a mountain of cold outside of it makes the hundred car deal on the train like oh in the neighborhood of 1/16th of the size of this yard of coal it's just sitting out there outside because it doesn't rain here amazing how much coal is piled up outside of this plant gives you an idea of what's necessary to fire up this thing.

It's amazing the wind out here all the way from Texas to now Arizona talk in 2030 mile an hour range steady hot win in 100° temperature now with all this open rangeland and desert there should be massive Wind farms and a distribution grid should be established to move the electricity.

Saturday about 4 PM got stopped for two hours on I 40 A horrible wreck, car versus truck. We were stopped heading westbound for two hours. Of course by the time I went by the ambulances had come and gone. Looks like people didn't make it in the car. Speed limit 75 it was a downhill slope and a bridge crossing a ravine two lanes. The roadbed on I 40 is in horrible condition, cracks and pieces of pavement have come up not quite potholes. It was also quite windy and dusty so I don't know if the car blew a tire or a gust of wind but it hit the edge of the guard rail and careened across the lane and went under the back of the truck. Trailer then went on its side and slid across the lanes. The cab of the truck was dangling over the bridge and the trailer had blocked both lanes. When I finally passed by they were just loading the car on the flatbed and emptying the trailer so they could right it and get it out of the road. As the fifth wheel held the cab on the trailer hopefully the driver was OK, but I don't know how anyone want to survived in the car. Speed limit 75, cars are all traveling 85, trucks are 80 heading down hills and the road bed is barely serviceable. I mean what do you expect ?

Crossed into CA and back into the land of expensive gasoline. Passing Ludlow, $3.13/gal.!!

9:55PM   Sat.7/16     101,239 in FS end!

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