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Detail of bracket on Chinhda cart version 3

The Sound Cart Project

We are building a sound cart from the ground up, using all the knowledge we've gained from the carts Chinhda has built in the past and from the extensive modifications to my own cart. This is a more ambitious project than a one-off "perfect cart." We are building several at a time and will be offering them for sale.

Several web pages are devoted to the development of the cart and the progress of construction. We introduced Version 3 in late winter 2008 and expect to lock down and standardize the major design components. Please use the "Jump" menu to visit the articles.

Chinhda Cart V3 is an overview of the cart.
Building a Chindha Cart details the process of construction
Chinhda Clients introduces some of the mixers using Chinhda's products.
Accessories A la Carte shows the accessories available for use both with the Chinhda cart and on other carts.
Ordering provides information on shipping, payment and how to place an order.

Rear view of T-Slot cart


A smaller cart, fabricated from T-Slot materials but with many special features and components personally fabricated by Chinhda, is now available. Smaller and lighter then the V3/V4 cart, it is less expensive and remarkably flexible in appllications.

Click Here to see the new cart
Antenna Boom Folded  

Antenna Booms & Masts

Chinhda has directed his skills to taming the clutter of antennas needed in today's production environment.

Key elements are two folding booms with a maximum spread of 52 inches, easily enough for any diversity application.

Click on the picture for more information.

Nagra meters and logo  

Nagra VI - First Look

We were given an advance look at the new Nagra just prior to its formal introduction here in Los Angeles. Click on the picture for our impressions.

Nagra and DVD burner  

Nagra VI - Vi Months later

Software updates and DVD burning enhance the usefulness and capabilities of the recorder.

Six months after demonstating the new recorder for the Los Angeles film community, the company has announced updated operating software.(more)

Antenna Forest  

RF "Spray" - From the Nagra VI

A reader asked about "RF Spray" from the new Nagra and we ran some tests to investigate. Click on the picture to see the results.

Rack Hook Tension Screw  

Sound Cart & Chinhda Component Instructions

As we distribute more carts and Chinhda components, we've found we need to write up use and assembly instruction. We have two instruction sheets available now, one to guide in assembling (or dis-assembling) the top and bottom halves of the cart and another to assist in mounting the rack hooks.

To download these manuals as pdf files, click on the following links:


Chinhda Cart Assembly Instructions


Rack Hook Mounting Instructions

Cantar Guide  

Cantar Guide

This is a first trial Guide Sheet for operating the Cantar. It is intended to fit in the space behind the meters and in the space immediately above the optical drive. The idea is to have a handy, but unobtrusive reverence for various operations a recordist needs to perform with the Cantar. Click on the picture to download the pdf file.

The Yamaha O1V/96 panel

Yamaha O1V 24/96

Impressions of the new 24 bit / 96 kHz mixing board from Yamaha.

This mixing panel, still a bargain, addresses some of the limitations of its predecessor.


The original Yamaha O1V panel

Yamaha O1V Test

With production growing more complex even mixing panels with six or eight inputs are often inadequate. We look at the Yamaha 01V as an alternative to the specially built field console and find an inexpensive, rugged, flexible digital console. Click on the picture for detailed impressions. Updated with field experience 9/5/99


A PSC cart in Chinhda's shop being modified
The Quest for the Perfect Sound Cart

This is an account of efforts to revise sound cart design to provide greater ease of use, additional protection of the equipment, enhanced mobility and the ability to be safely transported with equipment mounted. The cart design is extensively modified to permit the equipment to "live" on the cart, avoiding the necessity of building everything each workday.

At this point, this is an archival entry. It describes the process of extensively modifing a PSC cart to enhance its utility. This experience was useful in the development of the Chinhda cart. As a "ground up" project, the Chinhda cart is significantly more thorough approach.



A modified PSC cart with two recorder platforms
The Perfect Sound Cart: Part II
The Perfect Cart Perfected

As DAT and other new technologies have replaced the Nagra as the standard location recorder, the use of dual recorders has become commonplace. This cart revision expands the shock-mounted recorder platform to accommodate a second recorder and adds some other refinements like folding handles to better negotiate stairs.

Like the first perfect soundcart article, this is now an archival page. Please look at th articles on the Chinhda Cart, V3 for up to date cart information.


Wedge clamps to hold a Fostex PD4
The Perfect Sound Cart: Construction Details

We're often asked how to implement all the features of our sound cart. Of course, we prefer to build one for you but, if you want to go it alone, this article explains where to find the shock mounts, how the equipment brackets are configured, and other construction information.

Like the first perfect soundcart article, this is now an archival page. Please look at th articles on the Chinhda Cart, V3 for up to date cart information.


Lectrosonics 205 receiver
Test of Radio Mikes

An ongoing project, we will be reporting on our tests and experiences with the most commonly used professional wireless equipment. We'll cover VHF and UHF systems from Lectrosonics, Audio Ltd. and others. We'll evaluate absolute performance and also report on value for the money. We'll also pay particular attention to the frequency agile systems as HDTV encroaches more on available frequencies in the UHF band. Check out our recently updated results including frequency response tests of the Sonotrim mike hard-wired and passing through the various radio systems. We recently ran a series of tests on range of the different systems.


Oktave microphone

Oktava MC012 Test

We've been experimenting with using the Russian Oktava microphone in hazardous situations, particularly when recording dialog in the midst of gunfire. Click on the picture to learn our experiences with this versatile microphone.


PSC Power Station battery

Power Station Capacity

We ran some tests to check how much run time we might expect from a Power Station battery when away from AC power.

We've also incorporated a modification that Ron Meyer is now offering for this versatile unit. Click on the picture to see our results.


Quick-release boom pole adapter

Quick Release Adapter

We built a quick release adapter that permits using the PSC Quick Release system without cutting or modifying you pole in any way. Click on the picture for more information.

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